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The first 10 people in are guaranteed a place then its closed until next year and the price will increase.

How the Bootcamp works

This is not a short term project, in fact its going to run for a full 6 months and by the end you will know exactly how to start your own online business in a profitable niche and grow that business long term.  

This Bootcamp is perfect for anyone starting out online who wants to be part of a community for the next 6 months that can help you to become successful at a pace that wont overwelm you.  

This is also good for any local business owners who want to focus on growing their own business online and turning it into a real success.

We have decided to only let 10 people in this year because the bonus we are providing in month 6 is to powerful for us to offer at scale. 

The dates we will meet are as follows:

  • March - Tue, Mar 22, 2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM GMT 
  • April - Tue, Apr 19, 2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM BST 
  • May - Tue, May 17, 2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM BST 
  • June - Tue, Jun 14, 2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM BST 
  • July - Tue, Jul 12, 2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM BST 
  • August - Tue, Aug 9, 2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM BST

How the months are broken down:

  • Month 1 - How to break down the fundamentals of a local business so you can always find a profitable niche to work in and will never struggle setting up a successful online business ever again.
  • Month 2 - How to build a local website so it will rank online long term which means you can rely on your asset and not worry about Google penalties. 
  • Month 3 - How to write content that Google loves so your web pages will rank and they will also convert prospects into customers.
  • Month 4 - How to get Google to index your web pages so that they all show up online meaning customers can find what you're selling easily.
  • Month 5 - How to implement Magic Page Plugin into your local strategy so your website is seen everywhere and you get 10 times more work than with a normal website.
  • Month 6 - THE BIG BONUS - This secret weapon will provide all your backlinks and rankings for the next 3 years without you lifting a single finger or paying another penny.  (This usually costs $500 a month so is worth $18,000 and is the reason we can only allow 10 people into our Bootcamp this year)

Check out what other Bootcamp survivors have to say!

Training to Escape Agency Doldrums if you are an Agency and/or the 9-5 Trap if you are Stuck working a Normal Thankless Job!

Ryan Jensen United States

This is a different kind of training with all of the ego and jargon stripped away. The process explained here can be completed by anyone with the ambition to stick to it and complete all of the steps. The business that you can create is one that avoids the pitfalls that typically beset website creation and small business promotion online. Instead of working for clients, using this training and tools, you can work for yourself and sell access to leads to clients. No Clients = LESS STRESS. If you are exhausted from agency clients like me, or if you are looking for a solid scalable business you can do from home to escape the thankless 9 to 5, jump on this bootcamp. Just make sure you have the time and energy to put in place what you learn which means at least 2 or 3 hours a day. These guys are great and I consider them friends and mentors now and hope to be able to work with them and their products and ideas from now on!

There Is No Better Rank and Rent Training Anywhere. Period!

Dr. Robert A. Tracz Canada

When it comes to rank and rent training there are loads of trainers that talk a good game, but they don't walk the talk and lead you by the hand until you succeed like Mike Martin and his team. If you don't get it and can't make it happen, they will support you all the way until it does happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to create a complete lead generation business from scratch. The BootCamp is approached from a holistic perspective that includes website creation, SEO, GMB, PPC... and more. It's more than a training, it's a Masters degree in marketing in 12 weeks and each member of the team is available to help 24/7. If there is a better training anywhere, I haven't experienced it, and I've tried many.:)

Finally! A Method to the Madness!

Stephen P Crump United States

Mike, Keith and Special Guest(s) took their time, assumed nothing and thoroughly walked us through the how to properly avoid the muckety-muck of Rank & Rent. Also, the amount of free nuggets of information is worth the cost alone! Thanks Mike Martin, the Magic Page Plugin Team and Special Guest(s)!

Want Your Own Successful Business?

Richard Brown United Kingdom

Go through the training and be amazed at the support and will the trainers have for your success. My email and phone has been ringing from day 2 my first website went live. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to you Mike, Martyn, Keith and especially Stephen for his one to one.

Simply The Best!

Keith Malone United Kingdom

This was the very best course that I have been on, and I've been on plenty. Every topic was covered so well in great depth and nothing was too much trouble for any of the instructors. So much valuable information shared and coupled with Mike's boundless enthusiasm had me looking forward to every session.

This is an internet Boot camp for building mass page websites the right way.

Robert Weglewski United States

You have an opportunity to learn from not only Mike Martin but many others who are building digital assets for long term results. You will have to work in the Boot camp to get results. Show up participate and take action and you will learn how to get websites built and how to make them rank. Great experience get in if you can while it's offered.

Announcing: Breakthrough Products and Amazing People!

Pablo Perez United States

No, I haven't been in any boot camps yet. I didn't know Mike and his friends existed 3 weeks ago!!! But I have been a webmaster, copywriter and marketer (for 15+ years) and after using MMP and LeadSimplify these last weeks, I can tell you... the IT technology they use is unprecedented... what's more, Mike's brain (having seen most of his old videos and webinars) is not a normal brain... it's a billion-dollar brain, and I love that --- So, Highly Recommended!

Jump on right away and join if its still open!!

Jando Ruelas USA

I highly recommend Mikes bootcamp it will force you to get issshhh done. Knowing how the tools work individually is not good enough. With Mike's bootcamp I was finally able to fully understand how all the tools actually connect (unlock full potential) and work together. Having fellow MPP'ers sharing some of their struggles and the solutions they used was priceless. #nuggets. Shout out to all the survivors and thanks to the MPP team for putting this together.

Solid & Actionable Training & Support

Lorne H. United States

I really enjoyed Mikes boot camp from the standpoint that it's a full system and an active community. I am definitely impressed with how genuine Mike and his team are in dedicating time, sharing and supporting those in the boot camp. Mike, Keith and supporting members of the group have the actionable knowledge for what is working today. This takes the guesswork out of it. There is definitely hard work involved, but the boot camp makes it basically paint by numbers easy.

The Absolute Best Training Available

Dr. Robert A. Tracz Canada

This boot camp exceeded my expectations. Everything was organized, complete and well presented. There was ample time to have every one of my question s answered. If you want to succeed in Rank and Rent or in building sites that rank and generate leads Mike is the expert. If you can attend this boot camp.


Chris A United Kingdom

Mike, Keith, Steve and Daryl know their subject inside and out are unbelievably gracious with their time and expertise. The course is brilliantly thought out, with each week building on the last. Plus there is a fantastic troubleshooting session for those in need during the weeks off. I could not recommend the course more highly and will certainly be repeating it because their is just so much brilliant intel to be gained. Thanks again, guys!

Best Bootcamp Ever

Dave MacGregor United Kingdom

Admittedly the first week there was so much to take in that it was almost overwhelming but every week after that it became clearer how everything worked. The 'remedial' Fridays were great - I learnt so much there from all the questions and answers. You really need to attend these - you will learn so much. The guys have done an awesome job and definitely know their stuff. I can't recommend them highly enough! An awesome experience!

Really cant say enough about this Bootcamp. Highly Recommended!!!!

Vincent Tarney United States

I had the privilege of attending Mikes first MPP Bootcamp and i couldn't ask for a better run training camp. They spent so much time going over and explaining ever detail of how to use their tools and even explained more about overall digital marketing techniques. Everyone helped each other and it was ideal for new digital markets to more experienced, everyone will get knowledge from this. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking this training, you wont regret it!!!!

Mike is a super generous and genuine person

Patricia Frazier Canada

I have spent tens of thousands on internet marketing courses. For most of them, I was left to fare for myself. For the few that did offer coaching, there was usually an offer at the end to sell me more courses and coaching. Mike genuinely cares about helping people succeed. He truly cares about the success of each of his students. Additionally, he's a super nice guy. His boot amps are not only educational, they are fun and entertaining. I am so very impressed. I now have the skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence to make money online. Thank you, Mike

Fantastic Bootcamp

Barry Newton UK

At last I've found a system that works, the bootcamp was delivered with real commitment, and I was delighted when I had my first call from a lead, thanks Mike it would have taken months to sort it myself

Mikes Boot Camp Is a must if you want to start an amazing business

Stephen Brocklehurst United Kingdom

The boot camp will help you to build a business from the ground up. Mike and the team will help you build this from the ground up.


Francisco E Linares United States

I knew pretty much next to nothing about rank and rent websites when I first joined Mike's program. Shorty after joining, I saw he was setting up a Boot Camp. I was intimidated but decided to take a leap of faith and do it. I've learned so much! I really don't know how I would have done it without the Boot Camp and all the support that I've gotten. It has really kept me on track and accountable. If you're serious about doing this, them doing the Boot Camp is essential. Do it!

So Glad I did This

Sean Dominey United Kingdom

What an amazing bootcamp. We went from no domain to multiple sites that are getting esquires in simple step by step modules. Not only over the shoulder learning but also amazing Q& A sessions. If you want a business that is yours to build and control this is an amazing course for you. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested and am looking forward to the next steps with Mike and the team.

Hands Down The Best Training I've Received in 15+ Years of Courses Purchased!!

Jeffrey Green United States

Never missed a meeting, every question answered--no stone left unturned. The training and staff was highly actionable and ends with a website fully structured with schema, linking strategy and content. All these feed into (along with hands-on training) to make your individual website evergreen and suitable for growth/ranking and leads going forward. Would highly recommend!!

Mike Martin Magic Page Bootcamp Training

amir mirza United Kingdom

One of the best trainings that I have ever gone through. 12 weeks of pure solid value , experience and knowledge from Mike Martin. The step by step simple to follow detailed hands on training, with weekly follow ups, was amazing. Mike' s products really do work and there is no doubt about this. Keith's additional input and videos are also gold. My sites are ranking on the first page in a lot of locations. Magic Page works and you really need to do this as it gets your results. You will not need to go anywhere else after this, it's a complete game changer. I can not wait until the next one starts. This has definitely got me ahead of my competitors. Many Thanks Mike for your training it is excellent.

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