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In A World Full Of Sheep, Fuck You I'm An Entrepreneur.

Release date 20th December 2022

Entrepreneurs are like superheroes pushing the world forward, creating more jobs all whilst improving people's lives one invention at a time.

If all entrepreneurs understood their full potential, then they could all make millions, whilst improving the world and giving themselves and their families extraordinary lives.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurism is a misunderstood skill, and that is why entrepreneurs are usually known to the people who know them best, as triers. They are constantly trying new things, but those things regularly fail, or they get so far before eventually giving up.

If you know someone like this, a brother, a sister, a husband, a child, yourself or even a work colleague, then by buying this book and having them read it you will be improving their lives more than anything else you could ever do for them.

Being an entrepreneur is like being a gambler or a drug addict. We are addicted to the projects we chase, no matter how crazy or ridiculous they may seem to everyone else.

When entrepreneurism is miss managed, it can destroy lives just like gambling does for a gambler and drug abuse does for a drug addict. It will crush your finances, ruin your self-belief and self-esteem, destroy your family life and can, in some cases, take your life.

Great entrepreneurs build all the businesses, create all the inventions, and push humanity forward, making us the dominant species on this planet. But becoming a great entrepreneur is not something that comes natural to even the most talented of entrepreneurs, and that is why I wrote this guide.

Most entrepreneurs fail repeatedly, never spotting the flaws in what it is they are doing, until one day, they give in and drift into obscurity, a wasted talent. But it does not have to be like that, they can learn to manage their talent and push forward as an entrepreneur, becoming great.

Do you keep failing even though you know your ideas and creations can do remarkable things?

Do you know someone, a husband, a wife, a brother, a sister or even a child, who has immense potential, but they do not know how to direct it?

This book is for them. This book is for you. This book is for every struggling entrepreneur who wants to do remarkable things with their life and stop failing repeatedly.

Failure is not your fault. If I took a talented athlete and included him in a professional basketball game, he would fail miserably. He has all the talent and ability but does not know how to use it.

You are that athlete, but in the world of entrepreneurism, you have all the talent, and you have all the ability. Let me show you how to unleash it.